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Using Technology to Facilitate/Develop ‍‍‍Creativity and Critical Thinking Skills‍‍‍‍ in StudentsAn annotated list of key on-line resources

Creativity is not just for the art room, it is essential to all disciplines and it can be developed in everyone. Creativity requires shifting between convergent and divergent thinking and leads us to making connections with the wider world in which we live. It is a goal-oriented process of developing solutions that are Novel, Effective, and Whole (NEW). There are many technologies available that challenge students to use their imaginations when learning. These technologies also facilitate creation of unique, useful, and understandable solutions and therefore can be powerful tools for fostering creativity.

Critical Thinking is interpreting, analyzing, evaluating, and synthesizing information to form a good understanding, judgement, or solution. The 21st century demands that we move beyond simply acquisition of skills and that today's learners are just that, critical thinkers ready to take on and solve a variety of problems. Dewey states that "if we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow". Fortunately, a wide range of technological tools are available for integration into today's classrooms to better prepare our students for the challenges they will face in the future.

Ideally, we want to find resources that foster both creativity and critical thinking.

If you are in search of these types of resources, this site is for you! We hope these links will give you ideas, projects, and lesson plans to help you use technology to develop creativity and critical thinking skills in your students. The collection is separated into a Creativity page and Critical Thinking page. Both contain resources specific to helping foster the learning you are trying to achieve in your students. Hopefully this collection will help you look at your students, your teaching, and your classroom in new and fresh ways.


Critical Thinking

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Click here for an annotated list of key online

resources about technologies that can be

used to facilitate and develop creativity in


Click here for an annotated list of key online

resources about technologies that can be

used to facilitate and develop critical thinking

skills in students.